Below is a list of all the gemstones incorporated into A Little Vintage Happy pieces along with their healing properties.  I truly believe that gemstones can affect our outlook, energy, and mood.  This is a great place to start looking to help decide what pieces may be the perfect fit for you!  If ordering a custom order, please take a look at all the gemstones available.  I hope these healing properties will speak to you and that you will find their benefits when you wear these pieces! 


~Healing Properties: Agate is a gemstone that helps with strength and insight.  It will bring stability and grounding and thus will bring equilibrium for those that wear this stone.~

~ Healing Properties: Aquamarine has a very soothing and calming energy.   It calms fears for those that wear this gemstone.  It also helps self expression flow more easily and clears the ways for open communication.~

~ Healing Properties: Amazonite is so many healing properties for emotional and physical ailments as well as providing energy.  It helps to relieve stress, soothe energy, and healing trauma for those that wear this stone. This stone has amazing healing properties. ~


~ Healing Properties: Amethyst is a tranquilizing and calming gemstone.  It helps to relieve stress and relieve pressure while bringing a sense of calm.  It helps stabilize mood by bringing about a sense of calm by expelling and alleviating sadness, grief, fear, anxiety, and negativity.~ 

~Healing Properties: Black Onyx is a protective gemstone.  This gemstone helps to transform negative thoughts and emotions to let go of the past and soothe the soul for whoever wears it. It will help give the owner strength during these times of metal and physical stress. ~


~Healing Properties: Black Agate is a grounding and protective stone.  It helps to provide a sense of calm and peace while giving inner strength during times of stress for those that wear this gemstone.~

~Healing Properties: Black Moonstone helps connect one with their inner most emotions and feelings.  This allows for emotional healing.  It is a stone for feeling and helping with emotional understanding for those that wear this stone.~

~Healing Properties: Blue Goldstone is a special gemstone that helps promote a positive attitude.   It has been used like copper to soothe inflammation of joints and reduce stomach problems from anxiety.  It will uplifts and promotes vitality for those that wear this stone.~

~Healing Properties: Blue Lace Agate is a soothing and calming stone.  It will bring peace of mind and emotional healing to those that wear this stone.  It also encourages communication your true thoughts and feelings. ~ 


~Healing Properties: Blue Topaz brings wisdom and truth for those that wear this stone.  It also helps to promote clear communication.  Topaz in general is a gemstone of generosity, joy, and good health.  It helps to encourage good fortune and love while relieving tension and stress. ~ 


~Healing Properties: Blue Quartz is a calming gemstone and protects from negativity.  Great for balancing and restoring happiness.  Helps aid in communication while uplifting and restoring hope for those that wear this stone. ~


~Healing Properties: Calcite is a calming gemstone.  It helps elevate stress and brings serenity.  It will help cleanse and balance while restoring trust in one's self and ability for those that wear this stone.~

~ Healing Properties: Carnelian is a stabilizing gemstone and it can restore creativity, vitality, and motivation.  It gives courage, positivity, and motivates success for those that wear this stone. ~

~Healing Properties: Chalcedony provides stabilization and calming.  This stone is extremely powerful in its healing abilities.  It helps to provide emotional healing as well as protect you from physical and mental health condition.  It supplies inner peace, emotional honesty, emotional healing, and increases mental clarity for all that wear this special gemstone.~

~Healing Properties: Chalcedony gemstones helps to provide emotional balance and provide calm.  Blue Chalcedony works on specific emotions. It helps to relieve anger and irritability while promoting feelings of compassion and kindness.  Like the gentle blue ocean waves, it helps to wash an emotional calm over those who wear this stone.

~Healing Properties: Citrine helps with motivation while increasing creativity and self-expression.  A powerful gemstone for emotional balance by helping concentration and refreshing the mind.  Also helps keep negative thoughts, fears, and traits away. 


~Healing Properties: Dendrite Opal is a gemstone for lack of energy.  It helps rejuvenate and refresh.  This gemstone helps with appreciation for the love in a someone's life and encourages positivity for those that wear this stone. ~

~Healing properties: Dragon's Vein Agate provides honesty and prevents holding back emotions.  Agate is a gemstone of strength and grounding.  It will provide strength, honesty, happiness, and balance for all that wear this stone.~

~Healing properties: Fluorite absorbs stress and negativity to encourage positivity and balance energy. This gemstone also helps increase self-confidence, decision making, and concentration for those that wear this stone.~


~ Healing Properties: Garnet is a gemstone of strength and safety.  It provides self-empowerment for those that wear this gemstone.  This gemstone has the power to turn negative thoughts into positive ones and provides detoxification. ~


~Healing Properties: Green Amethyst is a gemstone of the heart.  It helps one to discover real peace and connection by allowing one’s heart to act as the leader of actions and thoughts. ~


~Healing Properties: Green Jade is a protective stone.  It helps increase love and nurturing.  IT brings harmony and self-sufficiency for those that wear this stone.  This gemstone helps to bring good luck and friendship. ~


~ Healing Properties: Howlite provides a soothing energy to help calm and relieve stress.  It can help to boost patience, and aid with sleep and stress for all those who wear it. ~ 


Healing Properties: Iolite is a visionary gemstone. It helps provide intuition to soothe the soul and provide inner knowledge.  It balances the mind and body while giving resonance and gentleness for those that wear this stone.​~

~ Healing Properties: Jade is a gemstone for an emotional healing.  This gemstone provides soothing energy to help eliminate negativity and  irritability, and to provide calmness for all that wear this stone. ~

~Healing Properties: Labradorite is a gemstone of transformation.  It helps provide strength and perseverance in times of change.  It also helps increase awareness, intuition, and balance during this time.~

~ Healing Properties: Lapis Lazuli is a special gemstone because it allows for self awareness & expression while also revealing inner truth.  It gives honesty, compassion, and clarity for those that wear this stone.  It enables the individual to embrace and speak one's truth through new found confidence ~

~Healing Properties: London Blue Quartz helps clear the mind and stabilizes emotions so that the mind becomes less hectic and clearer.  This stone provides mental clarity along with replacing depression with peace and happiness.  This gemstone provides peaceful mindfulness for those that wear this stone.~

~Healing Properties: Magnesite is a gemstone for deep peace.  It helps to enhance imagination, creativity, and ideas.  This gemstone opens the heart and provides more opportunity for love.~

~ Healing Properties: Mookaite Jasper is a gemstone that increases intuition and eliminates toxic and negative thoughts and emotions.  It gives inner confidence for those that wear this stone. ~

~ Healing Properties: Moonstone is a stone for growth, strength, and new beginnings.  It helps provide emotional stability, soothes stress.  It increases intuition and inspiration while providing success and good fortune in love. ~

 ~ Healing Properties: Morganite is a gemstone of unconditional love.  It is a very powerful stone and its sister gemstones are Emerald, Heliodor, and Aquamarine.  It helps provide and maintain love for those that wear this stone. ~​


~ Healing Properties: Mother of Pearl promotes gentle healing because it has the power of the sea.  It relieves stress, soothes, calms emotions, and relaxes those that wear this stone. It also increases imagination, intuition, adaptability, and sensitivity while harmonizing and balancing our emotions.~

~Healing Prosperities: Mystic Gray Quartz neutralizes negative thoughts and detoxifies the system.  It helps to protect and eliminate negative energies for those that wear this stone. ~

~ Healing Properties: Obsidian is protective gemstone.  It blocks negative thoughts to eliminate stress and tension for those that wear this stone. ~

~Healing Properties: Opal is a mystic gemstone.  It helps to free originality and creativity while allowing one to reagin their self worth.  It provides freedom and independence for this that wear this stone.~

~Healing Properties: Opal is a mystic gemstone.  It helps to free originality and creativity while allowing one to regain their self-worth.  It provides freedom and independence for this that wear this stone. ~


~Healing Properties: Phosphorite is a stone of intuition.  Helps bring joy while increasing intuition for those that wear this stone.  Helps one let go of the past to focus on a joyous future. ~

~Healing Properties: Pink Agate is a gemstone that helps promote love and soothes negative thoughts and anger to prove support, calm, and confidence in relationships. It will bring stability and grounding and thus equilibrium for those that wear this stone.~

~Healing properties: Purple Agate is a gemstone for meditation and transformation.  It provides calming and helps to trust one's inner intuition and strength.  It is thought to provide a calmness of being, love one's self, and trust oneself for all that wear this stone.~


~Healing Properties: Pyrite is a very strong protective stone.  This special gemstone enhances strength of willpower and the mind.  It protects those that wear it from negative energy, thoughts, and negativity in their environment. ~

~Healing Properties: Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of female empowerment.  This feminine energy is channeled into inspiration for new beginnings, creative projects, and adventures that lead to success and good fortune.  It promotes inner growth and strength for those that wear this gemstone.~

~ Healing Properties: Riverstone Jasper has amazing energetic properties.  It will accelerate change and help one accept new changes in life for all those wear it. Perfect gemstone for those that feel they need a change or that their life is currently stagnant.~

~Healing Properties:  Rhodonite promotes emotional healing.  It is a gemstone of compassion and forgiveness.   It promotes compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love for those that wear this stone. ~


~Healing Properties: Smoky Quartz is a grounding gemstone.  It helps to neutralize negative energy and detoxify the body.  Great stone for removing impurities and negative thoughts. 

  ~ Healing Properties: Spinel is the gemstone for workaholics.  It helps to ease stress and worry while also renewing energy. This gemstone increases strength, persistence and problem solving abilities to tackle anything in the path of the person who wears it.~

~ Healing Properties: Strawberry Quartz is the perfect gemstone for someone with a fast-paced or stressful life.  This gemstone is soothing, comforting, and calming for those that wear this stone.  This beautiful gemstone can amplify feelings of love, generosity, and gratitude which can strengthen relationships. ~ 

~Healing Properties: Sunstone is known for its healing and balancing powers.  It cleanses and restores those you wear this gemstone which leaves one energized and ready to embark on new and creative endeavors. ~


~Healing Properties: Tourmaline is a stone used to protect and repel against negativity.  This gemstone helps to increase physical well-being by providing emotional well-being, intellectual clarity, and physical vitality.~


~Healing Properties: White Milky Quartz helps to sharpen mind and amplify wisdom.  It will help reduce stress and push out negativity energy for those that wear this stone.~   


~Healing properties: Yellow Agate has been used for a long time in alternative medicine to restore good health and well-being.  It is thought to provide strength, confidence, happiness, and courage for all that wear this stone.~

~Healing properties: Yellow Jade has been used for a long time in alternative medicine to aid in poor digestion.  It is thought to provide balance and emotional stability as well as encouraging loving relationships, luck, and wisdom to all that wear this stone.~


"My husband gave me this necklace for Christmas and I am in love!!! The strawberry gem is breathtaking!! Can’t wait to wear this necklace for many years! Extremely well made and beautiful!"

— Anna Atchison

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